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DADs - Dudes Against Diaperneed

The St. Louis Area Diaper Bank is a predominantly women run organization, but nearly half of the families served include a dad, and the promotional items, the messaging and even the logo of the Diaper Bank are targeted toward women.

More dads are changing diapers for their kiddos now than ever before, but we still can't find a changing station in the men's room when #shithappens.

Most importantly, thanks to the generous support of small businesses around the region, we can drink beer in support of the Diaper Bank's mission to wipe out #diaperneed in our area.

So let's step up!

Join Dudes Against Diaperneed and for a $50 membership you get a DADs t-shirt featuring the "Shit Happens" hashtag.  For a $100 membership you'll get a t-shirt AND a DADs beer stein to bring to our events.

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DADs Upcoming Events