Become a Distribution Partner

The only way the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank gets our diapers out into the hands of the families who need them is through partnerships with local non-profit organizations, school districts, doctor's offices and churches.

Read more below to find out how!

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Applications will be accepted until midnight on October 20, 2017.  

Select applicants will be contacted to schedule interviews and site visits to take place October 30- November 10.

Final partnership decisions will be released on November 17.

All selected partners will be required to attend a new partner orientation meeting on November 29 from 10am - 1pm.

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(We recommend using this form to compile all of your information before beginning the online application process as you are unable to save your progress once you begin the online application

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Why Partnership?

Because diapers are a gateway resource.

The Diaper Bank's mission to provide diapers to the families who need them most in St. Louis is best achieved when we partner with local organizations already serving these families.

When families know they will get diapers through an organization they are more likely to participate in programs that will benefit them in other ways and are more likely to keep appointments with service providers.  When basic needs are met, families are more able to work on the complex tasks of emotional, social or physical development being tackled by our partners.  

Partner Agreement

The Diaper Bank seeks partners who are committed to collaborative work - helping us understand the scope, causes and consequences of diaper need in our community and helping us understand the impact that our diapers make in the lives of families.  

We ask our partners to commit to helping us collect data, talk about diaper need and the Diaper Bank in the community, and to join us in advocacy efforts that would make diapers more accessible for the families who need them in Missouri and nationwide.  


We know that many organizations throughout the St. Louis Area need help providing diapers to their clients - many more than our growing organization can effectively serve.

The Diaper Bank is focused primarily on partnering with organizations serving clients in residential or case management settings who could not provide diapers  without our help and who are serving the most at-risk populations in St. Louis.   

In order to help us determine which organizations we have the capacity to serve and at what level we take several factors into account, including (but not limited to):

*  The organization's overall diaper need 

*  The type of distribution model used by partners - service to clients only or service to the wider community, home visiting models or distribution on site, continuous distribution or sporadic, need based distribution

*  Budget - the diaper bank is focused primarily on partnering with organizations whose budgets cannot currently accommodate the purchase of diapers