We are so excited to announce that starting now, you all who love and support the Diaper Bank can start your VERY OWN campaign to help us raise the money we need to carry out our unique and essential mission of providing families with the diapers they need to keep their little ones clean and dry.  

During Diaper Need Awareness Week this year, we are trying hard to spread the word about the impact the Diaper Bank is having in the community and to engage new supporters in helping us continue this work.  As a supporter of the Diaper Bank, you know that when you help us provide diapers you're doing so much more than just giving a family a diaper.  You're creating peace where there was stress, you're creating laughter where there were tears, you're creating confidence where there was doubt.  With every investment you make in the Diaper Bank, you're not just changing diapers, you're changing lives. 

Click here to get started right away!  We can't do this without you!