Partner Highlight: Queen of Peace Center

Queen of Peace Center is a non-profit organization specializing in behavioral health treatment for women and their families. Since 1985, the Center has been focused on providing mental health and substance abuse services to uninsured and underinsured women in our region. Queen of Peace Center, a Federation agency of Catholic Charities, serves the St. Louis metropolitan and surrounding areas. The center’s residential and outpatient treatment sites aim to meet the needs of the entire family through affordable programs and case management services delivered by highly skilled, compassionate professionals who believe that quality treatment should be accessible to everyone.

The Diaper Bank and Queen of Peace Center began working together in April of 2017. Diapers from the Diaper Bank are used to support women receiving a variety of services from the Center. While Queen of Peace Center provides much-needed services including counseling and housing, the women who receive those services are expected to take care of their own shopping, cleaning, and cooking. For many of these moms, the cost of diapers is more than their budgets can handle and the Center is excited to be able to provide this essential resource to many of their moms.

Recently, Anne (name changed), a 20-year-old single mother of two came to Queen of Peace Center seeking treatment for substance abuse issues.  Even while working a full-time job, Anne struggles to pay rent, utilities, buy groceries, clothing for her children and provide for all the other needs of her family. After completing a budget plan with her Parent Educator at the Center, it became very apparent that Anne consistently runs out of money by the end of the month and must choose between paying her utilities and meeting the needs of her children. 

This past month, Anne had her electric turned off due to payments past due. Because of the partnership between the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank and Queen of Peace Center, Anne is now able to receive diapers for both of her young children each month. With the money she is saving she is able to pay her overdue electric bill and still meet the basic needs of her children. Receiving diapers from the Diaper Bank has removed one major barrier for Anne on her path to recovery and providing a better life for her family.

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Visit to find out more about this organization and the work they’re doing in our community. Women who are interested in seeking treatment may call Queen of Peace at 314-531-0511x102 to learn more about our intake process. At intake, individuals will need a current Missouri ID. For any child who may be enrolled in daycare services while their mother is in treatment, please bring their social security numbers and shot records. Intakes occur Monday thru Friday 9 am to 3 pm and may last 2 hours or more.