Partner Profile: Ritenour Parents as Teachers

Ritenour Parents as Teachers is a free program open to all families in the Ritenour District that have children under five years of age.

Of their recent partnership with the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank, PAT coordinator Mike Aitken says:

Within the boundaries of our district we have many families that are struggling... living paycheck to paycheck... doing everything in their power to keep the lights on and the water running. Our partnership with the St. Louis Diaper Bank will afford us the opportunity to make the lives of these families just a little bit easier. If we are able to put a little more money into their pockets and take a little weight off their shoulders, it will improve their ability to be strong and loving parents to their children. And that is the moral of the Parents as Teachers story... empowering parents to be their child's #1 teacher and advocate!


Enrollment Information

Ritenour Parents as Teachers is always actively enrolling new families for home visits, developmental screenings, group connections, and access to a plethora of local resources. Visit their website and click Register Online or call 314-493-6240 for more details.