Partner Highlight: Bethany Christian Services Free Diaper Friday

Since 1944, Bethany Christian Services has been reaching out to children and families.  A worldwide and community leader in adoption and family services, Bethany in St. Louis provides many resources to help stabilize and strengthen families.  Bethany’s programs include:

·       Family Counseling

·      Foster Care, Infant and International Adoption Services                    

·      Post Adoption Support

·      Pregnancy Support

·      Safe Families for Children – a respite care program for families in crisis

·      Family Empowerment – a program aimed at stabilizing families and strengthening parenting skills

Diapers from the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank primarily support Bethany’s monthly Free Diaper Friday event.  Held on the first Friday of each month at Bethany’s offices on Hampton Ave, this event is open to any family in St. Louis that is in need of help with diapers. When families arrive at the office on Free Diaper Friday they are able to ask for help for a variety of other needs they may be experiencing and Bethany’s staff works to connect them with their own programs or outside programs that may be of help to them.  Free Diaper Friday is so important in this community because it is the ONLY (at least the only one we’ve found, please let us know if you have heard of another!) program distributing emergency supplies of diapers to families regardless of whether or not the family is already enrolled in their programs.  It is also important because families can come from anywhere in the metro (and they do come from EVERYWHERE in the metro) and receive the diapers they need with no questions asked. 

Diapers from the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank provide for about 180 of the nearly 300 kids that Bethany Christian Services diapers through their Free Diaper Friday Event each month.  A mother who received diapers just today says of the program's impact on her life, “I’ve been attending since last spring when I was pregnant with my son. I was able to stock up on diapers when I lost my job and was prepared when my son arrived in August. I’ve continued to come and my son is now 9 months old. Diaper Friday still helps me cover diapers that I am not able to purchase at the end of month. This service has been a huge blessing for me and my son.”

To learn more about Bethany’s programs and services, visit their website at